Eating well for your body and the environment

Annica Marks Nutrition offers online dietitian consultations for the treatment of eating disorders and development of intuitive eating practices. Annica combines her expertise in nutrition science and behaviour change to support clients in developing a good relationship with food.

Annica works with clients requiring acute support in eating disorder recovery, clients looking to move away from a diet culture and towards intuitive eating, and clients who are content with their relationship with food but want to know more about how they can achieve a sustainable diet and care for our environment.

What type of nutrition advice are you looking for?

Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa – Bulimia Nervosa – Binge Eating Disorder – Rumination Disorder – Avoidance and Restrictive Intake and Feeding Disorders – Other Specific Feeding and Intake Disorders

Annica offers expert dietetic advice for individuals, families and carers of those suffering from eating or feeding disorders, fussy eating or body image concerns. She also offers supervision to dietitians currently working or wanting to work in the area of eating disorders or psychologist wanting to expand their nutrition knowledge.

Intuitive Eating

In a society where we learn from a young age not to listen to our body when it comes to what to eat, it can be quite difficult moving away from food rules and understanding the complex topic of intuitive eating. Annica will explore with you; triggers causing non-hungry eating, help you identify your internal signals related to hunger, fullness, appetite and satiety. She will help you balance your nutrition intuition with your nutrition knowledge.

Sustainable Eating

Organic Farming – Biodynamic Farming – Permaculture – Regenerative Agriculture

Annica offers support understanding the food journey from soil to table. She will link food sources with their impact on the gut microbiome and consequently physical and mental health. Annica will offer information about what and where to buy from, how to reduce your food impact on the environment and improve your understanding of industry language.